Funny Balls Screensaver

Funny Balls Screensaver

Funny Balls Screensaver will put a group of bouncing balls on your screen

Are you tired of all the usual screensavers that show animated cartoons or beautiful landscapes?
Do you want something different and not complicated?
Funny Balls Screensaver will put a group of bouncing balls on your screen.

This funny screensaver will show you just that.
A group of colored balls bouncing all around the screen and colliding against each other.

Don't expect fancy animations, or continuously changing images.
All you will get is the groups of balls doing their thing.
But surely you will stay glued to your screen watching the ever-changing patterns and collisions.

Funny Balls Screensaver might be good for those people that just need to relax for a while, without concentrating on very detailed images or cartoons.
The movements and collisions are completely random, so you will never know which one is going to collide next, or in which direction it will bounce.

That is all about this screensaver.
Probably, after a while you might get bored, or maybe your friends and colleagues will find it worthy to talk about.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice movements and bounces


  • Boring after a while
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